Who we Serve

Our Clients

We work with individuals and teams who recognize that leadership is the single greatest driver of personal and organizational performance. They also understand that personal development, skillful relationship management, and organizational transformation are integrally related.

Our clients are people who act as change agents, either in solo or as team and organizational leaders. They want to manifest more of their high potential, make a contribution, and move themselves and their teams to higher levels of performance to achieve greater business results.

We provide services to executives, managers, business owners, leaders, leadership teams and entrepreneurs who want greater personal impact and well-being, higher team productivity and effectiveness, and business excellence reflected in increased productivity and profits.

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

  • “How do I accomplish more with less?... How do I get people to be more productive?”
  • “How do I drive profit and pay attention to people development, our single most important asset?”
  • “ How do I build high-performing teams?...How do I speed up cycle time?”
  • “ How do I attract and retain loyal and productive employees?...
  • “ How do I create a talent pipeline for succession planning ?”
  • “ How do I plan and execute in the face of increasing complexity?”

These are the challenging questions that top executives and managers must address.

When do people call on us?


Leaders and managers call us when they know they are not getting the best out of their team and they seek to improve morale, productivity, and business results. They recognize that the traditional “tell-do” approach doesn’t motivate people and seek guidance in and tools for developing their team to take it to the next level of performance. They sense that they need to expand their repertoire of leadership styles and learn how to harness the wisdom and creativity within their organization


Organizations call us when they’re concerned about employee retention, and need to create and implement a strategy to reduce employee turnover, develop talent within the company, and build a talent pipeline for effective succession planning.


Organizational and departmental leaders call us when they need to initiate a new venture, shift their organizational or team climate, or manage culture change but need assistance in developing a strategy and roadmap for implementing and operationalizing this initiative. They have an idea of where they want to get to but aren’t sure how to get there.


High-potential managers and professionals call us when they have been promoted to a new leadership role, are now responsible for a higher level of organizational complexity, and they recognize that they are missing some key leadership abilities or strategies. When they are seeking a safe, objective, external partner who can serve as a strategic thinking partner, coach and facilitator to help them get up to speed.


1. We believe size doesn't matter 

Most consultancies focus their services on medium to large corporations. They have limited availability for small projects, and when they do, they are expensive. CMASSOCIATES’s expertise is in helping small to medium sized businesses. We value your business even if you are only just starting out. Our focus is on helping you achieve your dreams and goals, and our values and approach reflect that.

2. We are Relationship-Oriented - We're Your Business Friend

We place ourselves in your shoes and encourage you to think outside the box. Our belief is that only when we have established a trust relationship with you, do we deserve the business you are entrusting us with. We believe in long-term relationships, and we will support your business long after the training has ended.

3. We Understand You 

As an entrepreneur himself-our principal consultant and Managing Director- Mr. Claudeville Mc Garrell intimately understands the needs and challenges of small business operators. His personal experience in starting and operating small businesses sets him apart from corporate consultants who do not have experience with micro -medium scale businesses. We understand you.

4. Clients will be most successful in working with us if:

  • They are already successful, and want to move to even higher levels of fulfilment and performance
  • They are motivated
  • They are willing to learn new things and let go of old ways of behaviour
  • They are committed to long term solutions and willing to make a commitment to work rather than a quick fix
  • They like to work collaboratively and in partnership
  • They value new perspectives and being challenged
  • They love to learn and have fun doing it
  • They want to make a difference and be successful
  • They are high - potential, creative and willing to take some risks to go into the unknown
  • They are focused on being the best they can be, for themselves, their organisations, for their clients and for the world



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