My name is Claudeville Dawson Mc Garrell, and I am a multi-talented, value driven International Consultant and Business Coach. I hold a  BSc. in Economics and Business Administration and an M.B.A in Marketing and International Trade. I have been a Teacher, Lecturer, Financial Specialist, Banker, Bank Inspector, Business Specialist and Business Trainer/Advisor for over fifteen years and founded the management consultancy company – CMASSOCIATES – to provide world class coaching, training and consultancy services to businesses that want to get results.

 Over the last seven years I have developed and delivered both individual and group training workshops for entrepreneurs and business owners in the fields of Financial Management, Strategic Planning, Marketing and General Management. I have also developed and facilitated Business Plans for companies seeking financing and joint venture arrangements,and Marketing Plans for companies seeking to identify, penetrate and capture overseas markets.  I have conducted Training Workshops and Business Diagnostics-using NLP techniques, for a wide cross-section of businesses.  I have trained clients within the Caribbean and internationally, in the fields of CUSTOMER RELATIONS MANAGEMENT (CRM), STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT (SHRM), CHANGE MANAGEMENT, TIME MANAGEMENT, PROJECT MANAGEMENT and STRESS MANAGEMENT.  I am a specialist in Business transformation and taking existing businesses to the next level.

 I have served as Commercial Attaché at the British High Commission for some ten years and was responsible for Trade Facilitation and Promotion between the United Kingdom and the territories of Guyana, Suriname and Cayenne. I have been an independent Consultant with Wealth Masters International (WMI) and a certified Busines Coach with the Professional Business Coach Association (PBCA). My achievements in business coaching, personal development, team-building; mentoring; empowerment; and business development spans 20 years within a wide range of Organisations.

I bring results to Business Owners and Entrepreneurs by helping them discover and deal with the challenges that have been sabotaging their business success. I help them move from "pain island" ( current situation) to the "island of possibilities"( where they want to be ).

 I am an ardent blogger, internet surfer, Tweeter and Face Book fan.  My Hobbies include reading, music, dancing, swimming, jogging, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and the Martial Arts.



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